Just Give Me A Name

Ran into this song tonight via Lazify. This kind of quietly simmering, deceptively calm song is a hard bank shot to hit. It's a complex emotion to write in and to nail musically, and it's exhilirating when it works. It's rage, but spread so thin like fine spider-webs.

I don't need to know
I don't need to know
I don't need to know how it went
Where it took place
Night or day
or even what it might have meant
If you played or you laid
or just fell to the bed
whether you laughed or you cried
if you're in love
or just out of
I won't ask you to decide

Every time it loops back to "I just need a name" is more insistent and desperate than the last, until in the last verse it gives in to confrontation, revenge and hatred. It's uncomfortable, but relatable, and it warps the songs story into a man falling into the worst parts of his nature. It's exhilirating stuff if you're into these emotional gymnastics, these triple axels of the heart. I then read a review that interpreted it as a song about only needing someone's name to fall in love and I got incredulous and annoyed at my computer screen. This is why I type out lyrics every time I review something.