Elsewhere | Futurebirds, Sun Kil Moon, Moses Sumney, A Marsh.

I have written a lot of things recently that I feel reasonably good about. I would like to use the opportunity, afforded by having my own blog where I make the damn decisions, to collect them all into one place.

I'm contributing now to Buzzchips, a very pretty local/independent music blog. As a first pitch, I decided to challenge myself and write about a Futurebirds show, a cool band that I know on a very casual level. It was a lot of fun to watch and write about. My second move was to review the new Sun Kil Moon album, Benji, because that dude is a stone cold boss. I'm almost sure I used the landscape/self-portrait metaphor in the ending somewhere else but for the life of me I can't figure out where. Still, it was the most appropriate image I could conjure.

At good old See South Bay, I had the difficult and self-imposed task of describing why a dry marsh in Torrance is worth your time. I had to meditate on it a little bit but I think I figured it out in a sincere way, why such a space is valuable in the 310 sprawl. Dare I say, I am fond of the marsh now. Also: Beer.

Then we go back to Moxipop where I do my best to give Transgender Dysphoria Blues justice and write a brief live report on a dude named Moses Sumney. I saw him completely on accident at a great weekly LA concert showcase purely to spend time with a girl, and I'm glad I did. He's got a sharp talent that can go in a lot of different directions and I'm excited to see what all his momentum will turn into.

Looking at this post, it's clear that writing about having written is silly. But I'm writing a lot, for other places, and that means I'm not writing here. So it's necessary to keep this place vaguely current.

I'm writing a lot. I'm going to write more. Everywhere.